How I Do It: Jane Langley, founder of sustainable marketplace Blue Patch

From scarves to shoes to sportswear, Blue Patch can help you find everything on your shopping list. Energetic founder Jane lets us in on her busy days…
2 minutes

The first thing I do when I wake up

I fish out my spectacles among the pillows and read the news. I read the Guardian and my partner reads the Wall Street Journal. Following that, Jim makes emergency coffee to revive our spirits. Sometimes the pets join us for coffee, which usually results in a coffee stain somewhere.

My favourite outfit

My kimono jacket by Naomi Purkiss Boutique, generally thrown on over a pair of jeans and a top. I also love my NeroliPom Moisturiser from Terre Verdi  with a splash of Ealing Green perfume by 4160 Tuesdays . In fact I love all our members’ products, so I’m working my way through the entire community.

My favourite thing about my business

Talking to business owners and coming up with new ideas to bring all our fantastic members to the notice of consumers and retailers who have yet to experience the full force of Blue Patch members’ creative talent.

The hardest part…

Persuading members to sort out their photographs and keep everything up to date with their Blue Patch microsites – it’s a huge part of the job and online presentation is critical for their success.

My to-do list

I do a lot of research into potential members – what makes them tick. This feeds back into our strategy.

For lunch I like hotpots and cook these for the team who are not quite so keen – I like to make sure everyone is well fed.   


In the afternoon we’re all busy creating national campaigns – sniffing out the zeitgeist in retail, circular economy, sustainability, community business and logistics – somehow it’s all coming together.

The end of the day

I go to the gym, walk on the treadmill and watch YouTube films about how to run a business, manage trade fairs or watch the news – except on Sunday when I spend two hours walking on the treadmill and watch Blue Planet II and Howards End. Then I take Mole for her last walk of the day, read in bed and lose my spectacles in between the pillows…

I relax by…

Walking in the countryside, attending my book group, visiting museums and I love going to lectures – that is my best thing, to learn something new.


Everything. I’m a sponge, continually discovering new ideas and finding inspiration everywhere I look – it’s impossible to avoid.


I hope we manage to survive the muddle of Brexit and bickering politicians and they start to discuss practical solutions together.

Blue Patch

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